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Welcome To QuotientCSR

QuotientCSR is a healthcare innovation platform that identifies champions and brings innovative healthcare technology to the market. We believe that investing in innovation-finding new ways to solve problems is crucial to solving the health problems we face globally. The covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the need to seek new methodologies, platforms, expertise and support. We are revolutionizing the entire concept of partnerships. QuotientCSR is working with our partners Atheropoint LLC and Factus technology with market visibility through multiple competences while delivering enhanced solutions.


We are finding new smarter and more efficient ways to connect the healthcare communities globally through collaborations that never existed before. Through our model of health partnerships and based on our Principles of Partnership, we are championing outstanding ideas, tools and techniques which we believe have the potential to transform health systems in both low and high resource settings across the globe.

“Meeting the challenges of
an ever-changing healthcare environment.”