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QuotientCSR offers innovative technological solutions and services to the healthcare, insurance, educational, manufacturing, services & many other industries. Our solutions are adaptable in different languages. The QuotientCSR team will work with your team to understand your needs throughout the project and product lifecycle. We provide the following services to organizations and institutions within and outside the healthcare industry.



The firm provides ancillary cloud based software solutions for the insurance industry. Our AI bots are designed specifically to enable small and large insurance organizations to solve complex customer requirements. These solutions are tailor made, customized and automated to solve complex organizational problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether is a AI bot to integrate and all the organizational activities and report to consumers or customers or AI bots to process insurance claims and report incidences on the go. Whatever challenge or needs you have our experts are available to discuss the solutions. Our services are cost effective and have quick turnaround time.


Health Management Organizations (HMOs) seeking a seamless and effective cloud based platform to manage their customer’s and business days to day activities have a solid partner in us. We understand the vagaries of a running smooth and comprehensive system and have developed cloud based software packages that not only reduces the stress of delivering quality services to your customers. Our wide range of services includes minimizing the turnaround time required to handle customers’ queries but also delivering results. We analyze your existing systems and advise you on what improvements you need to overcome the organizations present and future challenges.


Educational Tourism

We have developed an e-learning platform in collaboration with our technology partner Factus Technologies, India. An online learning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services and offers trainers, learners and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management. We have recently developed an e-learning platform solution for the delivery of Continuing Medical Education (CME).


Artifical intelligence (AI) I RESEARCH SERVICES

Organisations with a single-/multi-location presence can use the platform for training.


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About Quotient CSR

Founded in 2013, Quotient-3 Petroleum (Q3P) facilitates mobile and internet-based e-learning platforms that support doctors in delivering a diversified range of services. These include the delivery of affordable healthcare and the promotion of Continual Medical Education (CME) programs. The firm’s innovative solutions were recognised by the Youth with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin!) program in 2012. The YouWin! program is a business plan competition introduced by the Nigerian government to support innovative start-up SMEs in Nigeria...


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  • Telemedicine
  • CME E-Learning Platform
  • Medical Tourism
  • Second Medical Opinion (SMO)
  • Social Telemedicine
  • Hospital-in-a–Can
  • Surgical Camps
  • Doctors’ Workroom
  • E-Consultations and E-Prescriptions
  • E-Health CSR Consultancy
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