Our Products

We have developed several tailor made innovative solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for various institutions and corporate organizations. The products have significantly impacted on the capability of these organizations to improve their efficiencies and bottom line.

Robotic Chatbot

Virtual customer care bot, Support Bot, Automation Bot (RPA - Remote Process Automation), Translation Bot, Multilingual Bot etc. for different industry

  • Customer Care BOT : This product responds to customer queries independently without any manual intervention. It is capable of handling any number of concurrent calls while responding to their queries and also educating them about the products & services offered by your organization. It can sit on your website and answer all customer queries tirelessly 24*7*365
  • Support Bot : It can sit in your local intranet and handle employee training by providing/playing training audio/video instantly on the spot when required by any employee. It can also answer employee queries related to organizational/functional process and capable of solving Level-1 support calls and can also automate processes. 
  • Automation Bot : This Bot can be integrated with existing ERP or any other application to automate different processes to enable Bot completing many tasks which are usually being done by human resources currently and thus increasing productivity by automating processes and reducing human dependency and time
  • Translation Bot : This Bot is capable to translating local languages into English and vise-versa. This is very useful in service oriented organization where service/support team receives calls/queries/complaints in local languages and organization need to maintain a big team speaking different languages to respond to those queries. Our Bot helps the organization tremendously in managing this situation. Bot communicates to the customer in their respective local languages, takes those calls/queries/complaints in local languages and passes the English version of it to the support team. And again takes the English response from the Support team and communicates the response back to the customer in respective local languages. This saves huge OPEX cost for the organization by helping them in maintaining a smaller team. Works tirelessly 24*7*365

The above products are very powerful and respond using 3 layers (mentioned below) and are multi-lingual;

  • Rule based interactions have predefined, structured questionnaires that can be drilled down deep
  • Text-to-Text chat
  • Voice-to-Voice chat



  • 24*7*365 support to Users/Customers
  • No time zone dependency
  • Automated L1 Support
  • Works as Service Desk Solution
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Single Window for Conversation and Ticket Handling
  • User/Customer convenience
  • Increased User/Customer satisfaction
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Decrease in number of unattended calls
  • Better Collaboration
  • Improved User Experience
  • Improved User Self Service Experience
  • Improved User Productivity
  • Lead Generation
  • Increased sales conversion rate
  • Reduced costs (OPEX)
  • Multi-lingual support

Robotic Expert Bot
Virtual Physicians Assistant - ENT Bot


  • It collects patient's chief complaints, signs and symptoms
  • Analyses chief complaints, signs and symptoms
  • Provides Diagnosis after analyzing chief complaints, signs and symptoms
  • Provides Differential Diagnoses of the possible illnesses based on the signs and symptoms  
  • Provides Health Tips generic to ENT and also specific to Diagnosis
  • Provides entire chat transcript as clinical documentation 
  • Stores chat transcripts into database
  • Refers patients to relevant doctors in desired area
  • Increases productivity of doctors
  • Helps physicians in collecting important signs & symptoms
  • Helps doctor in doing diagnosis
  • Helps in building EMR
  • Helps organization in generating leads

Enterprise wide Service Management Platform – iFIX

There’s no single software tool exists today in the market to facilitate all kinds of services – customer service, distributor & retail monitoring service, project selling service, machine & device specific service, IT service/ITSM and employee/people centric service – through an integrated, omni-channel service management platform (i.e., in the same way like ERP & CRM).

We have built a unified service management software – iFIX - to provide all these functionalities under a single umbrella environment. iFIX is an one stop solution facilitating organizations to improve its sales, service and operational productivity and at the same time saves time & cost on multiple procurement, implementation, deployment and integration.


Benefits/ Value to our customers:

  • Outcome based business model for our customers, enabling them pay for benefit only and not for features and user licenses.
  • Automation based proprietary DPR Framework to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and improve business reliability.
  • Facilitate our customer becoming an intelligent organization.?

Hospital Information System

World class Hospital Information System (HIS/EHR) called “World VistA” helps hospitals & healthcare service providers implementing world class Electronic Health Records / Electronic Medical Records at a very affordable cost



  • Product "VistA" is known worldwide having worldwide footfall
  • The new UI driven VistA product is highly innovative
  • World Class product with user friendly UI
  • Highly adoptable because of attractive & easy to use UI/UX
  • Successfully adopted in premier healthcare institutions in India & other countries
  • Existing Roll&Scroll based VistA implementations can be upgraded with this new VistA at a low cost
  • Comparatively low AMC cost for the upgraded product
  • Helps organization recovering upgradation cost over a period of time
  • Helps organization reducing OPEX by reducing maintenance & support cost




  • Reduces cost as it reduces need of hiring expensive clinical resource like Radiologist
  • Reduces turnaround time for availability of reports even without having full time Radiologist
  • Reduces dependency on personal availability of Radiologists on the premises for reporting
  • No need to Buy or Maintain any hardware
  • Browser based reporting from anywhere and any computer
  • Optional 3D Tele-radiology Client which works on any Laptop or Desktop
  • Hosted on Level 4 Data center within India for Low latency
  • Can be hosted on Any cloud provider.
  • Secure Linux platform for High Performance
  • DICOM Jpeg2000 compression support for Tele-radiology
  • Video Conferencing Support
  • HIPAA Compliant work flow customization

Telemedicine Solution

It has two apps (doctor app) and (patient app)

Salient Features – Patient App

  • Sign-up / Register
  • Login & Change/Forgot password
  • Update your profile
  • Search available doctors by Name or Specialty
  • Check doctor’s availability
  • See Doctor’s Qualification, Experience, Specialty and complete profile
  • Chat with your favorite Doctors
  • Share Diagnostic Reports with Doctor
  • Consult your favorite doctor via Audio/Video Call
  • No discontinuation in Video call due to low bandwidth. Video call gets converted into audio mode automatically & gets back in Video mode on regaining bandwidth
  • Receive ePrescription signed by doctor in your registered mail ID
  • Receive Referral Letter through E-Mail
  • Get Medicines delivered at Home
  • Get Lab tests done at home
  • Hassle free online payment. Pay using Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or Wallet
  • Use of Discount Coupon
  • View doctor’s calendar
  • Book future appointment
  • Maintaining Patient Family History
  • Your Health Record follows you globally.

Salient Features – Doctor App

  • Registration
  • Verification of Doctor’s credentials by authorized team
  • Automatic activation through Push Message, SMS & Email
  • Login & Change/Forgot Password
  • Review/Edit your profile
  • Set availability for Text Chat / Audio Call / Video Call or Allow booking future appointments
  • Search Patient
  • Quick Register Patient
  • Text Chat with Patient
  • Receive & review Patient’s Reports while chatting
  • Access to complete Chat History
  • Audio/Video Consultation with a Patient
  • Issue ePrescription duly signed digitally
  • Prefilled Diagnosis, Investigations & Medications
  • Access to complete ePrescription History for each Patient
  • Review Patient’s Past History & Current Medication

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