About Us

About Quotient CSR

Founded in 2013, Quotient-3 Petroleum (Q3P) facilitates mobile and internet-based e-learning platforms that support doctors in delivering a diversified range of services. These include the delivery of affordable healthcare and the promotion of Continual Medical Education (CME) programs. The firm’s innovative solutions were recognised by the Youth with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin!) program in 2012. The YouWin! program is a business plan competition introduced by the Nigerian government to support innovative start-up SMEs in Nigeria. This platform is just one of the several innovative services provided by Q3P that grant doctors access to Continuing Medical Education (CME) lectures from any location in Nigeria. The LiveDoc-Patient and LiveDoc-Doctor mobile apps are also a convenient solution that can enable medical practitioners to interact with patients through mobile telephony technology.


Q3P will support Nigeria’s healthcare sector, making access more affordable for all. Specifically, our initiatives are designed to target remote and rural locations which lack fundamental primary healthcare distribution networks. Q3P offers several services to the healthcare sector that aim to improve overall access to healthcare delivery across the country. These services can also help establish a seamless network to support CME programs by enabling authorized CPD agents to access the vast e-learning and telemedicine networks.


Our collaboration with NationWide, a primary healthcare service distributor in India, will provide essential technology to elevate the standard of healthcare in Nigeria. Nationwide is funded by renowned venture capitalists, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) and Silicon Valley Bank. This partnership will benefit the Nigerian healthcare ecosystem, allowing local doctors and practitioners access to professionals across the globe. This will be particularly useful for accessing second opinions for complicated health conditions in real time.


Our Mission

We aim to become the leading platform for facilitating healthcare innovation by developing workable models that support the advancement of continuing medical education for physicians. We also seek out cost-effective ways of managing the most challenging medical conditions facing the poorest people in Africa.


Our Vision

We hope to become the bridge builder for a cross-industry breeding of ideas through research and collaboration. By this means, we will increase the opportunities for shared value creation by implementing and sustaining innovative practices aimed at improving healthcare delivery across all components of the healthcare ecosystems.



Our Products
  • Telemedicine
  • CME E-Learning Platform
  • Medical Tourism
  • Second Medical Opinion (SMO)
  • Social Telemedicine
  • Hospital-in-a–Can
  • Surgical Camps
  • Doctors’ Workroom
  • E-Consultations and E-Prescriptions
  • E-Health CSR Consultancy
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Our Services
  • MRCGP Certification
  • Doctors Helping People
  • Educational Tourism
  • E-Learning and connectivity for organisations
  • E-Medical Camp
  • E-learning for schools and institutions
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Medical Tourism
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