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Welcome to Quotient CSR

Quotient-3 Petroleum (Q3P) is a Nigeria-based, integrated oil service and procurement firm established in 2013. The firm ventured into the healthcare technology space in 2015 and is currently conducting an e-health innovation program to enhance the delivery of medical care in Nigeria. Q3P has identified several key opportunities and accordingly has repositioned itself as a Corporate Social Enterprise (CSE). Our aim is to facilitate the development and delivery of Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs through e-learning platforms, giving local doctors increased flexibility to participate and interact with their peers across the globe...

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Welcome to Quotient CSR

Our Mission

We aim to become the leading platform for facilitating healthcare innovation by developing workable models that support the advancement of continuing medical education for physicians. We also seek out cost-effective ways of managing the most challenging medical conditions facing the poorest people in Africa.

Our Vision

We hope to become the bridge builder for a cross-industry breeding of ideas through research and collaboration. By this means, we will increase the opportunities for shared value creation by implementing and sustaining innovative practices aimed at improving healthcare delivery across all components of the healthcare ecosystems.

Our Team

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."